Galway Bay Marathon Fundraiser

Words cannot express how impressed we were with the Bluefin swimmers yesterday. These young people put in an amazing days work catering for the 4000 Galway Bay Runners.

Jack was the first person to the water station in the morning and had all the tables set up ready to go when everyone arrived.

Daniel and his younger sister Katie (only 7 years old) along with Hannah B, Kieran, David and Rian spent the day filling cups and handing out water. Patrick and his younger siblings, Dylan, Robert and Layla kept us all going with great enthusiasm – opening crates of water, organising the tables and handing out water to the runners.

Luke worked with Jake and Patrick clearing up the discarded water cups and bottles – a very tiring job which also involved opening the top of every bottle and emptying the contents!!

Miriam was there for the whole day to the very end and even had enough energy to do the final lap of the course clearing up empty bottles and gel packs. Well done Miriam.

Sorcha and Caoilin were amazing at keeping the show on the road. They were supporting those handing out water ably helped by Emily T, Emma, Hannah D and Kristina.

A truly incredible team of young swimmers that we can all be proud of. Their work means a very welcome €1,000 to Bluefin  Swimming Club from which everybody in the Club will benefit.