All sorts of mouldy sogginess!

Bluefin Swim Team strives to create an environment where championship swimming is not just likely, but inevitable!

Chasing excellence in the pool is tough stuff. Our sessions are packed with essential skills, distances and goals to build speed and endurance – and it all needs to be achieved during the limited time our swimmers have in the pool.

Regular and punctual attendance at training sessions is essential!

From the swimmer who shows up late, to the swimmer who leaves early, to the swimmer who doesn’t show up at all… absenteeism and missing parts of the sessions is something the team struggles with from time to time. While there is always going to be the random case for missing practice, it grows into a problem when it becomes habitual, and infects the rest of the team with low standards.

The problems that arise from shaky attendance and interrupted workouts are obvious…
• Coaches spend more time adapting sessions, dealing with unnecessary distractions and the unprepared swimmers, than working directly with the athletes.
• Practices are disrupted, which is unfair to the swimmers who are punctual and expect to have full, uninterrupted sessions.
• Swimmers who miss workouts regularly, swim poorly in competition and then wonder what happened.

In other words, all sorts of mouldy sogginess!

Not only is punctuality an important life skill, but it will help our swimmers become disciplined athletes destined for success!

Whether swimmers are aspiring to go to the Olympics, or just shave a second off their PB, success in the pool, as with just about everything else in life, starts with showing up!

Team swimmers are expected to:
• Understand how important every moment spent in the water is.
• Respect the time of the coaches and team mates that they swim with.
• Invest in their own training and maximise the opportunity being offered to them.

Arrive at the pool in plenty of time to…
• Change, use the shower and bathroom before arriving on deck
• Be on deck 10 minutes before training for poolside warm up
• Have hair tied back, swim caps on, goggles and swim kit on hand.

“15 minutes early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable.”
Vince Lombardi