The Big Bluefin Breakout Itinerary

– An Escape from the Pool –

Meet at the Killary Adventure Centre on Saturday 28th April at 12:30 sharp. Activities start at 1pm.

Pick up on Sunday 29th April at 1pm sharp.
Bring lunch for your child when collecting them on Sunday. They will be hungry!

Where it is…
Killary Adventure Centre is situated on the southern shores of Killary Harbour, 5km from the village of Leenane, Co. Galway on the N59. Driving time from Galway city is approximately 1hr 15mins.
GPS: Longitude North – 53° 35.8 min. Longitude West – 09° 47.1 min

What’s included…
• Lunch and dinner on Saturday with breakfast on Sunday.
• 2 x 3 hour sessions (two activities in each session)
• Evening games and entertainment

Home-baking will be very much appreciated, so please give generously! These treats are extremely welcome when children are away from home, especially after busy outdoor pursuits! :o)

What to pack…
Specialist equipment is supplied. It’s a good idea to pack together, so your child knows where to find things. Please label everything!
• Old warm clothing x 2
• Rain gear
• Woolly hat, gloves and warm socks
• Footwear – two pairs of runners (one wet and one dry)
• Complete change of clothes (and shoes) for evening/travelling home
• Swimsuit
• Toiletries and towels
• Black Bags (bin liners for keeping wet clothes/laundry separate from clean clothes)
• Pyjamas and woolly hat for wearing at night (as most heat lost through head)
• Warm sweaters/fleeces
• Water bottle (labelled)

Do not bring…
Mobile phones, gaming devices, penknives and spray deodorants are not permitted… and will be confiscated.

Parents must be on call to collect their child, if required. Your children will be able to phone home at anytime using a team phone.

Should you need to make contact:
Madeline 087 2453519  Helen 087 7675234