UPDATE Gerry Ryan Gala 2019

We have recieved changes to qualifying times and the schedule for the Gerry Ryan Invitation Gala which takes place 18th, 19th and 20th January 2019 at UL Sports Arena, Limerick.

Please note, all entries will need to be done again. An email was sent on Saturday 22nd December to all parents with an update to their swimmers entries. Please reply to this email asap.

Swimmers eligable to attend are Sandra, Emma, Hannah B, Hannah D, Lilian F, Pola, Sarah, Isolde, Caoilin, Sorcha, Lauren, Sara, Lucy, Miriam, Anthony, Luke, Brogan, Rory, Thomas, Lúc, David, Rian, Patrick, Robin, John S, Jake and Kieran.

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Swimmers NOT attending, please email Bluefin Gala Secretary ASAP at bluefin.galasecretary@gmail.com

Entries to Helen ASAP.