Big Bluefin “100 Club” Challenge

Sunday 17th March 2019

Your mission, folks, should you choose to accept it, is to swim 100x100m… without missing an interval.


Athletes successfully completing the challenge will receive lifetime membership to the “100 Club”… forever… AND, receive the coveted “100 Club” bag tag… and all the fame that goes with it!

What’s your interval?

Choose an interval that will give you adequate rest (about 10/15 seconds) in between each set.

Lane One: off 2 mins (7am start)
Lane Two: off 1:50 (7am start)
Lane Three: off 1:40 (7:30am start)
Lane Four: off 1:30 (8am start)
Lane Five: off 1:20 (8am start)

This challenge is open to Bluefin SC swimmers/parents and other Kilcornan swimming club’s. If numbers allow, we may offer a 50x100m for some swimmers.

Entry Fee:

Age 18 & under: €5  /  Age 19 & over: €10
100% of the funds raised will go to Bluefin SC athletes to fund equipment, and/or social activities, of their choosing.

Places are limited, and therefore entry cannot be guaranteed for this very exciting and much-sort-after contest!

Book your place…

To be considered for entry, email your chosen lane/interval to the coaches at before Friday 1st March.
Please note, your email does not guarantee selection. Successful applicants will be announced on Saturday 2nd March.

Athletes may choose to seek sponsors to help motivate their feat (not feet)!