Food for Racing

Swimming galas are long!

Many swimmers sit on the pool deck for up to 10 hours straight! Eating during a meet is necessary for optimal performance. Here are some simple Bluefin Banquet ideas!

Boost Carbohydrates and
Reduce Fat Before Competition

Hearty bowl of cereal, low fat milk and/or toast
Go easy on the fat/butter.
Add dried fruit or a sliced banana.

Reduce fat and protein and add extra carbohydrate.
Have extra potato and less meat.
Have extra spoonful of rice/pasta, less of oily or creamy sauces.
Have an extra spoon of beans and no butter on your toast.

Having pizza?
Choose thick based over thin and crispy.
Add more tomato, vegetables, ham, tuna, pineapple.
Cut down on fat – less cheese!

Choose carbohydrate rich, low-fat snacks.
Fruit and Dried fruit

Don’t forget, fruit and vegetables count as carbohydrates too!

The Night Before

Best Choice
Rice or pasta with a low fat sauce
Jacket potato with low fat filling
Beans on toast
Potato with small portion of meat/fish
Noodle stir-fry / chow mein

Best to Avoid
French Fries/Chips
Deep-fried food
Chocolate and sweets
High fat meats and cheese

Your meal plan might look something like this…

Breakfast: a small bowl of porridge topped with a banana, wholegrain toast or a bagel and a glass of orange juice

Lunch: a jacket potato and baked beans with salad

Dinner: a small pasta starter, a chicken and vegetable main served with brown rice, fruit salad and low-fat yoghurt for dessert

Snacks: bananas, crispbread, a handful of dried fruit, rice cakes with honey or jam

Pre-event Meals and Snacks

Cereal and low fat milk
Porridge with raisins/banana
Toast (no butter) with honey/jam
Banana or jam sandwiches
Beans on toast
Pasta with tomato-based sauce
Baked potato with low fat filling

Eating Between Events

Two to Four Hours
Toast/toasted sandwich
Pasta with tomato-based sauce
Jacket potato
Rice and low fat sauce

Less than One Hour
Sports drink
Carbohydrate supplement
Plain biscuits/rice cake


Nutrient-rich carbohydrate and protein combinations
for refueling and rebuilding

Combining carbohydrates and protein are simple solutions for race day snacks! Celery and Almond Butter is an excellent snack – an alternative to the celery and peanut butter (but a teammate may be very allergic to simply the smell of peanuts). Try creating “Ants on a Log” by adding raisins on top!

Breakfast cereal with low fat milk
Baked beans on toast or a baked potato
Fruit salad with fruit-flavoured yogurt
Bagel with almond butter and low fat milk
Fruit smoothie or liquid meal supplement
Low fat chocolate milk
Lean meat and veggie pizza
Sandwich with meat and salad filling
Meat and veg stir fry with noodles or rice

Protein rich foods (10g)
2 small eggs
300ml cows milk
30g cheese
200g yoghurt
35-50g meat, fish or chicken
400ml soy milk
60g nuts or seeds
120g tofu or soy meat
150ml fruit smoothie

What are your best swim meet snacks?