Results: 100x100m Swim Challenge

Big cheer to the athletes and parents from Bluefin Swim Team and Predator Triathlon Club who bravely attempted to swim 100x100m (and 50x100m) in Kilcornan this St Patrick’s Day.
This was a youth-led fundraiser, and 100% of the monies raised going towards a backstroke wedge for the pool.

The Result…

The swimmers raised an amazing €190! Together with a donation from coach Karen’s fundraising dinner, we have a backstroke wedge in the post, on it’s way to the club!

The Superstars…

3hrs 46mins: Sarah (Bluefin) and David K (Bluefin)

3hrs 20 mins: Maurice (Parent), Hannah (Bluefin) and Brogan (Bluefin)

3hrs 4mins: Mathys (Predator), Geordan (Bluefin/Predator), Anthony (Bluefin) and Ross (Predator)

2hrs 47mins: Emma (Bluefin/Predator), Rory (Bluefin) and Sorcha (Bluefin)

2hrs 30 mins: Luke (Bluefin/Predator) and Robin (Bluefin)

50x100m in 1hr 53mins: Kieran (Bluefin), Michelle (Parent), David (Parent), Cormac (friend), Helen (coach) and Harry (Bluefin)

Athletes successfully completing the challenge will receive lifetime membership to the “100 Club”… forever… AND, receive the coveted “100 Club” bag tag… and all the fame that goes with it!


Special thanks to all our volunteer lane counters… Loic, Paul, Caoilin, Maeve, Hannah B, Olivia, Lucy, Patrick, Tom, Pat, David and Christine.

Huge thank you to our fantastic pancake queen, Madeline, for the four-hour pancake-making marathon!

Big thanks to Karen for her continued fundraising for the club.

Thank you, as always, to Kilcornan Pool!