Keep it Going at Home #7 – Eat!

Learn to bake coach Helen’s fabulous flapjacks!

Often offered to wilting athletes and coaches as loooong, humid, weekend swim meets draw to a close – coach Helen’s famous flapjacks are a team favourite.

Why not create your own devastatingly delicious concoction that will magically boost any flagging superstar!

Here it is… the recipe for the best energy-boosting flapjack in the swimming world!

Melt 250g butter and 250g light soft brown sugar in a large saucepan, to a rolling boil… it will turn from a dark brown liquid to light brown, fluffy fudge colour (yum!)

Turn off the heat and add 5/6 tbsp (90ml) golden syrup.

Add 500g of your secret mix of dry ingredients and combine well.

Tip the magnificent mixture into a 20cm square tin lined with greaseproof paper and press down with a back of a spoon.

Pop on the bottom shelf at 140C for 20 minutes – then LEAVE to completely cool before cutting.

Your Dry Ingredients can include…
1. 500g rolled oats (jumbo oats make a crunchier flapjack)

2. 300g rolled oats plus 200g of anything – nuts (pistachios are nice), seeds and dried fruit.

3. The Big Bluefin Mix:
250g of rolled oats, 100g of jumbo oats, and a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds, golden raisins or cranberries – up to 500g. When cooled and cut, drizzle with melted dark chocolate! Yummo!

Now… invent your own mix for us all to try!