Keep it Going at Home #8 – Workout!

We love Skills NT Swimming!

This home workout is around 40 minutes long and it will cover a warm up, endurance, plyometrics for explosiveness, and lastly, a stretching routine. If you want to skip to a certain section you can do so with the help of the timeline. You don’t need any equipment, except maybe a yoga mat or a carpet and a chair.


Warm up

Jumping Jacks x 30
Half squats x 45
Shoulder rotations x 10
90-degree elbows / shoulder rotation on the wall x 10
Open angle of legs and touch one foot with opposite arm x 10 each
Leg swings from to back x 10 each leg
Leg swings side to side x 10 each leg
Scapular wall slides x 10
Scapular push-ups x 10
Windmill mobility maneuver x 5 each side
Wrists circles x 20 total


2 rounds
Push-ups x 10 to 20
Low plank to high plank x 20 total
L sit or V up hold x 10 to 20 seconds
One leg squat to a chair x 5 each leg
Squats x 10 squats

2 rounds
Hand stand push-ups facing wall or L push-ups on chair x 7
Knee to elbow push-ups x 8 total
Mountain climbers x 50 total


1 round – (Optional 2 rounds)
Squat jumps x 10
Clapping push-ups – or hand release push-ups x 5 to 10
Burpees high knees x 5 to 10
Alternating jumping lounges x 16 total


*Everything with diaphragmatic breathing

• Seated shoulder stretches (sides, up, down) 4 deep breaths each
• Wide angle seated forward bend. 5 deep breaths
• Open book pose. 4 breaths each side
• Knees to chest pose. 5 deep breaths
• Right knee over left knee and pull the knee to chest. 4 breaths each side
• Childs pose. 5 deep breaths
• Extended puppy pose. 5 deep breaths
• Sphynx or cobra. 5 deep breaths
• Mariachi’s pose. 4 breaths each side
• Breaststroker hip mobility. 20 reps
• Low Lounge. 4 breaths each side
• Low lounge + elbows to floor. 4 breaths each side
• Half frog pose. 4 breaths each side
• Downward dog to cobra. 5 reps
• Praying pose. 5 breaths