RESULTS: Week Five of the Big Bluefin QUARAN-TEAM Challenge

The teams have travelled 7,062km in five weeks our big Bluefin fundraiser!

With one week left to go, let’s see how far we can go! Send your predictions to Christine at

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As the teams reach Brazil, the Bluefin Cyclones finished this week ahead of the pack with 525km.

Our furthest travelled athlete, Kieran, logged 179km this week for the Bluefin Cyclones. Well done to super Cyclone, Jack, who travelled a massive 110km!

Well done to all Hurricanes, Sarah 100km and Milly 74km; Tornadoes Emma 23km and Lily 20km; and Typhoons Siofra 88km and Aeveen 79km!

Top coach this week, for a second time, is Brendan with 37km!

Haven’t started logging your activities, yet? It’s not too late to get involved!

There’s lots of ways to clock your mileage, so check out our activity conversion chart below. Make sure to log in your activities here:

Remember, every little helps your team!

What team are you in?

Are you a Bluefin Hurricane; Bluefin Tornado; Bluefin Cyclone or a Bluefin Typhoon?

How it works…

1. Do some exercise. Take a walk, go for a hike, ride your bike, run like the wind or go for a swim.

2. Log the distance you completed after every training here:

3. The results are tallied weekly and updated on our team leaderboard, for the duration of the lockdown.

Activity Conversion Chart

Convert time spent exercising into kilometres!

Who Wins…

There are so many ways to win…
1. Be on the team who travels the furthest distance in 6 weeks!
2. Be the athlete with the most kilometres travelled!
3. Be the genius who guesses the Big Bluefin final destination!

The Final…

All winners will be announced at the end of the challenge – Tuesday 1st December 2020, at the end of the lockdown.