The Bluefin Swimming Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday 08th September at 7pm sharp.  Members will be sent an email invitation to join the AGM via ZOOM video conference.

The AGM is an extremely important date in our calendar and represents an ideal opportunity for parents to express their views and to contribute to the decision-making process of the club. Every swimmer should be represented at the meeting by at least one parent/guardian. 

A number of important elections will take place, including elections to committee and other roles that support the work of the committee.

We are looking for nominations on committee for the following positions. Please forward all nominations for committee, naming proposer and seconder to the Club Secretary on or before Wednesday September 01st  (week before).
–  Chairperson
–  Vice-Chairperson
–  Secretary
–  Vice-Secretary
–  Vice-Treasurer
–  CCO Child Welfare Officer
–  Assistant Registration Officer

We encourage all parents to consider putting their name forward for one of the roles to support the committee. Please forward any motion for consideration, naming proposer and seconder to the Club Secretary on or before Wednesday August 25th.
 – Parent-in-Attendance Secretary
– Education Officer
– Club Public Relations Officer (website, press releases)
– Assistant Gala Secretary
– Special Activities Coordinator

Motions must be received on, or before, Wednesday August 25th, by the Club Secretary at


1.  Introduction
2.  Chairperson’s Report
3.  Minutes of the last AGM
4.  Apologies
5.  Chairman’s Report
6.  Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements for year to
7.  Head Coach Report
8.  Elections of officers and committee
9.  Notices of Motion/s
10. All other business