RESULTS: Qualifiers Update

Bluefin SC  has been enjoying swim meet success over the last few months… with more qualifying opportunities on the way! Huge congratulations to the swimmers who have qualified for national events. Here are the results so far:

2022 Irish Open Championship
Robin Pfeiffer, John Shortt and Sarah Gunning

2022 Irish National Division 2 Competition
Pola Gizinska, Sarah Gunning, Isolde Hannon, Lauren Kilduff, Rory Collins, Thomas Davey, Oisin McGlue and Jake Van De Beek

2022 Irish Summer Nationals Championships
Mark Cormican, Thomas Davey, Isolde Hannon, Rian Kearney, Ethan Lourens, Oisin McGlue, Robin Pfeiffer, John Shortt, Jake Van De Beek and Kieran Watterson