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About Bluefin

About BluefinEducation.

Get your child started in a sport they can enjoy for their whole life.

For many families, swim lessons often mark the beginning and end of their swimming aspirations. In fact, nearly 80% of families don’t consider continuing in the sport of swimming after their child has taken swim lessons. However, 95% say they have still taken their child swimming for fun.

By joining a swim team, your child gets so much more than just exercise.

  • Builds self-confidence, self-esteem and focus
  • Teaches time management and organization
  • Helps kids learn how to compete, win and lose gracefully
  • Creates an exercise for life
  • Swimming is more fun, healthy, social, cool, and easier to learn than parents and kids ever imagined

Bluefin Swimming Club offers a competitive swimming program in a motivating environment. We focus on developing strong fundamentals and embrace the long-term development of the swimmer.

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