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Keep it Going at Home #8

We love Skills NT Swimming!

This home workout is around 40 minutes long and it will cover a warm up, endurance, plyometrics for explosiveness, and lastly, a stretching routine. If you want to skip to a certain section you can do so with the help of the timeline. You don’t need any equipment, except maybe a yoga mat or a carpet and a chair.


Warm up

Jumping Jacks x 30
Half squats x 45
Shoulder rotations x 10
90-degree elbows / shoulder rotation on the wall x 10
Open angle of legs and touch one foot with opposite arm x 10 each
Leg swings from to back x 10 each leg
Leg swings side to side x 10 each leg
Scapular wall slides x 10
Scapular push-ups x 10
Windmill mobility maneuver x 5 each side
Wrists circles x 20 total


2 rounds
Push-ups x 10 to 20
Low plank to high plank x 20 total
L sit or V up hold x 10 to 20 seconds
One leg squat to a chair x 5 each leg
Squats x 10 squats

2 rounds
Hand stand push-ups facing wall or L push-ups on chair x 7
Knee to elbow push-ups x 8 total
Mountain climbers x 50 total


1 round – (Optional 2 rounds)
Squat jumps x 10
Clapping push-ups – or hand release push-ups x 5 to 10
Burpees high knees x 5 to 10
Alternating jumping lounges x 16 total


*Everything with diaphragmatic breathing

• Seated shoulder stretches (sides, up, down) 4 deep breaths each
• Wide angle seated forward bend. 5 deep breaths
• Open book pose. 4 breaths each side
• Knees to chest pose. 5 deep breaths
• Right knee over left knee and pull the knee to chest. 4 breaths each side
• Childs pose. 5 deep breaths
• Extended puppy pose. 5 deep breaths
• Sphynx or cobra. 5 deep breaths
• Mariachi’s pose. 4 breaths each side
• Breaststroker hip mobility. 20 reps
• Low Lounge. 4 breaths each side
• Low lounge + elbows to floor. 4 breaths each side
• Half frog pose. 4 breaths each side
• Downward dog to cobra. 5 reps
• Praying pose. 5 breaths


Closure of Competitive Season 2019/20

Swim Ireland Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update No. 4

Updated – 25th March 2020

Closure of Competitive Season

The following update provides Swim Ireland clubs further direction and guidance in relation to the Swim Ireland National and Regional Competitive Season and training considering recent communication from the Irish and UK Governments and the International Olympic Committee regarding Covid-19.

National and Regional Competitive Season – Swimming, Diving, Water Polo

Swim Ireland announces today that all Regional and National competitions originally scheduled to take place between now and the end of this season (August 2020) will no longer take place. This decision has not been taken lightly and follows the most recent decrees of both the Irish and UK governments.

We felt that it was important at this time to reassure our athletes and all of those who work with and for them that there is no urgent need during these difficult times to be back in a swimming pool to prepare for a Regional or National competition. For those of our members, for whom the pinnacle of your swimming season was to compete in their Regional Championships, the Irish Open Championships, Irish Summer National Championships or the Irish National Division 2 Competition, we understand that this news is likely to be disappointing. However we were concerned that there might be a level of stress and anxiety related to competitions still on the horizon, whilst the opportunity to train in the pool was not available and we felt that it was important to give you clarity on the matter to allow any such worries to end.

Club Competitive Activities

As the health and welfare of our members is of paramount importance, Swim Ireland directs all clubs to cancel all galas and competitions for the rest of the 2019/20 Season.

Physical meetings and any social or fundraising activities should also be on hold based on current government advices.

Club Training

Swim Ireland’s strongest possible advice regarding training is to continue with the cessation of all pool-based sessions and sessions in facilities such as gyms, sports halls, etc. until further notice. This includes those who were training for a July 2020 Olympic Games, including the athletes in our National Centres. We urge you to cease training with immediate effect. This direction will be reviewed on a regular basis.

We encourage our members to stay fit and active, within government and HSE/Public Health guidelines and we will work each and every week on providing you with the means and method of doing this, so when the time is right to jump back into you pool, you are in a good place to resume your training and preparation for a new season ahead.

Swim Ireland will of course continue to act in all other ways on behalf of their members and their clubs through our Membership team, Education Department, Youth Development team and Participation Department. We will liaise with the experts within our Performance team to provide you with the best possible information that we can and we feel that we have already started to do this with you over the most recent weeks. And your input is important too! If you have something that you want to share, that helps keep us bonded as an aquatics community and wider family that we know we are, then send that through to us and we will share and engage with you as much as we possibly can.

If clubs have queries or concerns, please contact your Club Support Officer who will be able to provide you with assistance.

We continue to monitor the situation very carefully and will issue further advice to our clubs and members as this become available. Please continue to regularly check the Swim Ireland website for further updates and contact Swim Ireland if you have any urgent questions or concerns.

Click Here to read the full update including the list of National & International events postponed or cancelled

Keep it Going at Home #7

Learn to bake coach Helen’s fabulous flapjacks!

Often offered to wilting athletes and coaches as loooong, humid, weekend swim meets draw to a close – coach Helen’s famous flapjacks are a team favourite.

Why not create your own devastatingly delicious concoction that will magically boost any flagging superstar!

Here it is… the recipe for the best energy-boosting flapjack in the swimming world!

Melt 250g butter and 250g light soft brown sugar in a large saucepan, to a rolling boil… it will turn from a dark brown liquid to light brown, fluffy fudge colour (yum!)

Turn off the heat and add 5/6 tbsp (90ml) golden syrup.

Add 500g of your secret mix of dry ingredients and combine well.

Tip the magnificent mixture into a 20cm square tin lined with greaseproof paper and press down with a back of a spoon.

Pop on the bottom shelf at 140C for 20 minutes – then LEAVE to completely cool before cutting.

Your Dry Ingredients can include…
1. 500g rolled oats (jumbo oats make a crunchier flapjack)

2. 300g rolled oats plus 200g of anything – nuts (pistachios are nice), seeds and dried fruit.

3. The Big Bluefin Mix:
250g of rolled oats, 100g of jumbo oats, and a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds, golden raisins or cranberries – up to 500g. When cooled and cut, drizzle with melted dark chocolate! Yummo!

Now… invent your own mix for us all to try!

Keep it Going at Home #6

Top Ten Team Things to Try this Weekend

1. Write a team CHEER!
2. Design a Bluefin swim suit
3. Send in a set you’d LOVE to do
4. Create a NEW Bluefin session song playlist
5. Design a poster of your favourite inspirational quotations with fun lettering and illustrations.
6. Research your favourite swimmer and share fun facts!
7. Create a SWIM MEET or TEAM PRACTICE comic strip
8. Draw cartoon versions of your coaches!
9. Complete and submit your Bluefin SC Goal Sheet
10.  Invent a GAME or RELAY for your TEAM to play when we get back in the pool!