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The Big Bluefin QUARAN-TEAM Challenge 2020

How far can we go… in 6 weeks? 

Here’s a challenge for the entire team… starting today, the first day of lockdown!

Will we get around Ireland; Europe; the World or even make it to the moon?  Find out what team you’re in, and get going! It doesn’t matter how much or how little you can do… because every little helps!

What team are you in?

Are you a Bluefin Hurricane; Bluefin Tornado; Bluefin Cyclone or a Bluefin Typhoon?

How it works…

1. Do some exercise. Take a walk, go for a hike, ride your bike, run like the wind or go for a swim.

2. Log the distance you completed after every training here:

3. The results are tallied weekly and updated on our team leaderboard, for the duration of the lockdown.

Activity Conversion Chart

Convert time spent exercising into kilometres!

Who Wins…

There are so many ways to win…
1. Be on the team who travels the furthest distance in 6 weeks!
2. Be the athlete with the most kilometres travelled!
3. Be the genius who guesses the Big Bluefin final destination!

The Final…

All winners will be announced at the end of the challenge – Tuesday 1st December 2020, at the end of the lockdown.

Training Suspended Until Further Notice: Oct 2020

Following recent increase in restrictions by the Irish Government regarding Covid-19, training will be suspended from midnight on Wednesday 21st October, until further notice.

· Facilities are closed therefore no indoor pool/land-based training can take place

· Competitions cannot take place

· Outdoor swimming can still take place, subject to social distance requirements and permitted group sizes; however extreme care should be taken as the water is much cooler now than it was earlier in the year


Safeguarding 1 with Galway Partnership

It is mandatory for one parent or guardian of Bluefin athletes to attend basic Officials, Safeguarding and Team Manager courses, which are run regularly online.

Galway Sports Partnership are running online Safeguarding 1 workshops online via Zoom at 6:30pm on the Thursday 8th October; Tuesday 13th October; Thursday 5th November; Tuesday 10th November; Thursday 10th December and Tuesday 15th December. Places are limited.

Register Here:

For more information, contact Katie Codyre;

Bluefin Virtual Meet: Entries and Payments

Entries for the Bluefin Virtual Qualifying Meet (SQ3 and SQ4) will be updated on Galaman once entry is submitted. Check entries, click here.

Gala fees (€3 per entry) by this Wednesday 7th October by Easy Payment Plus, click here.

Entries for Bluefin Virtual Development Meet (SQ1 and SQ2) are due 14th October. For more information, click here.

All queries to Meet Manager, Helen at