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Technical Clinic for Bluefin junior athletes

Bluefin SC junior athletes and coaches have been invited to attend a special Technical Theory Webinar on streamlining and underwater skills – which will be delivered by our Regional Pathway Coach, Sarah Fellner.

Open to all athletes seeking B-Times and A-Times, this webinar is essentially aimed at athletes in SQ1 and SQ2. Although, some athletes in SQ3 will benefit greatly! While it’s unfortunate that we are not able to swim at present, we encourage all swimmers to participate to get new ideas for when we are able to get back in the pool again!

Register here:

We have three dates to choose from, so if you would like to attend please email your preferred date to Christine at by next Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

Monday 9th November at 7:30 PM
Wednesday 11th November at 7:30 PM
Thursday 12th November at 7:30 PM

The session lasts 30 minutes.

Athlete Online Coaching Programme – Sign Up!

As part of Swim Ireland’s continued work in athlete engagement and efforts to support our clubs and members, Swim Ireland is excited to launch its Athlete Online Coaching Programme.

This online coaching programme has been designed to provide all club athletes with virtual coaching input from several experienced club coaches from around the country.

In a time when active coaching and swimming in the pool is not taking place, we want to give all our athletes an opportunity to gain additional coaching support.

The programme is being offered at three levels, which are age dependent and cover a greater detail of coaching information as the levels rise.

Three Levels of the Programme:

County – (Entry level Athletes must be 9 years or older)

Sign up link – County Level

Programme Starts – 8th June 2020

Regional – (Athletes must be 12 years or older)

Sign up link – Regional Level

Programme Starts – 10th June 2020

National – (Athletes must be 14 years or older)

Sign up link – National Level

Programme Starts – 12th June 2020

Athletes must commence the programme at the entry level according to their age (age as of 31/12/20)

Athletes complete a unit within a Level by attending a weekly online webinar and submitting a project to Swim Ireland in relation to the unit following the webinar. Webinars are to be approximately 40 – 60 mins in duration.

Depending on the level of programme you will take part in the following units:

  • Freestyle (All Levels)
  • Backstroke (All Levels)
  • Breaststroke (All Levels)
  • Butterfly (All Levels)
  • Individual Medley (All Levels)
  • Nutrition, Lifestyle & Life Skills (Regional and National Level)
  • Finishes & Relay Takeovers (National Level)
  • Competition Management (National level)

For the full details of the programme and timetable please click here.

This is a great opportunity for swimmers of all ages and abilities to gain some great insights and coaching tips whilst we are out of the water.

For more information please contact: