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Bluefin SC at the top of the Castle in Castlebar!

Well done to all our athletes who took part in the Connacht Sprint Development Meet at the spectacular new pool in Castlebar. We look forward to taking part in events in this amazing facility in the future.

We had 17 swimmers competing in this event, the following Swimmers who represented our club with pride are Lauren, Isabelle, Miriam, Amy, Lillian, Emma, Billy, Harry, Diarmuid, Hugh, Daniel, Samuel, Mark, Finn, Isabelle, Lúc and Hannah

Across 29 events, the team achieved amazing PBs, A-times, B-times and C-times. We also took part in relays, which demonstrated great team work from all the athletes. The tally of medals was a fantastic 11, with Amy, Miriam, Diarmaid, Mark, Lúc, Finn and Samuel bringing home the silverwear. But, most importantly, they all had fun achieving their goals.

Thank you Coach Karen for your time and enthusiasm which help each of our athletes achieve their targets. Thank you also to our volunteer timekeeper on the day, Paul Darcy.

This gala marked the end of a successful season for some of our swimmers and we can look forward to another equally triumphant season next year.

Team Manager,



RESULTS: Regional LC Championships 2019

Bluefin SC rock UL at the Connacht/Munster Regional LC Championships 2019

The team is celebrating strong results after this weekend’s racing. As thirteen Bluefin athletes bravely took on the best of Connacht and Munster, the team boasts new personal best times, 21 medals and summer qualifing times over 72 events.

Well done to Rory, Rian, Robin, John, Jake, Kieran, Pola, Sarah, Isolde, Caoilin, Sorcha, Miriam, Hannah and Sandra.

Finalists: Caoilin, Isolde, John, Rian, Robin, Rory, Sarah and Sorcha.

Medalists: Rory, Robin, John, Sarah and Sorcha, who between them brought home ten gold, three silver and eight bronze medals

New Division Two qualifying times: Kieran, Rian, Jake and Rory.
The battle for D2 qualifying times continues, when we meet at the last opportunity, next Sunday 9th June in Longford.

New Division One qualifying times: Robin, Caoilin, Sorcha and John. This meet marks the end for those looking for qualifying times for the Summer Nationals at the end of July.

Huge thank you to all the competition officials for their continued support to the region; our team managers, Karen, Jean and Goetz; and parent volunteer officials Christine, Helen, Ger and Maryse.

Full results can be found on Galaman… Click Here!

Results: Laser SC Development Meet

Bluefin SC Cut Times with Laser!

Well done to all our athletes who took part in this weekend’s Laser Development Gala… Lauren, Sara, Sandra, Miriam, Pola, Lúc, Thomas, Diarmaid, Harry, Mark, Hannah B, Thomas, Billy, Roisin, Isabelle, Isabelle, David, Samuel, Rian, Emily, Amy, Emma and Lily.

Across 30 events, the team achieved amazing PBs, C times, B times and A times. Great performances from all our swimmers. The tally of medals was a fantastic 24! Most of all, it was super fun.

Congratulations to our Swimmers who achieved A times: Lúc, David, Sara M, Sandra, Miriam, Thomas, Pola and Diarmaid.

For full details on the results… click here!

Thank you to the committee, parents, family and friends for your contribution in making our Club so successful. Without you it would not be possible, and we appreciate and commend all you do, time and again for our club. To our exceptional senior swimmers, thank you so much for helping out on the night and for showing such wonderful example to your younger peers. To all the Coaches, and especially our Coach Karen on the night, thank you for your time, your enthusiasm and your pearls of wisdom which help each of the swimmers achieve their potential.

We look forward to the next Gala!

Fear the Fin…

Team Managers,
Christine and Melina

Results: April Regional LC Qualifier 2019

Bluefin SC took Limerick by storm as 27 athletes competed in over 100 races at this weekend’s Connacht Munster Regional LC Qualifier in UL.

This was a significant meet for swimmers hoping to qualify for the Irish Summer Nationals (DIV1) at the end of July. For everyone else, it was a superb opportunity to compete long course, cheer on the team and gather some experience, grab a PB and maybe a DIV2 qualifying time!

The team is celebrating Sorcha’s silver medal and DIV1 qualifying time in 400FS, and bronze medals in both the 800FS and 200IM. Robin also takes home the bronze in 200IM.

Well done to all who competed: Luke, Kieran, Anthony, Brogan, Lauren, Sarah, Isolde, Miriam, Pola, Sorcha, Caoilin, Sara, Hannah D, Patrick, Rory, Lúc, Thomas, Jake, Rian, Sandra, Lúc, Mark, Hannah B, Lillian F, Thomas and Daniel.

Huge thank you to all the competition officials for their continued support to the region, our team managers (Karen, Milena, Ger, Jean and Goetz) and parent volunteer officials (Christine, Madeline, Maurice and Maryse).

The results can be found on Galaman… Click Here!