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RESULTS: Qualifiers Update

Bluefin SC  has been enjoying swim meet success over the last few months… with more qualifying opportunities on the way! Huge congratulations to the swimmers who have qualified for national events. Here are the results so far:

2022 Irish Open Championship
Robin Pfeiffer, John Shortt and Sarah Gunning

2022 Irish National Division 2 Competition
Pola Gizinska, Sarah Gunning, Isolde Hannon, Lauren Kilduff, Rory Collins, Thomas Davey, Oisin McGlue and Jake Van De Beek

2022 Irish Summer Nationals Championships
Mark Cormican, Thomas Davey, Isolde Hannon, Rian Kearney, Ethan Lourens, Oisin McGlue, Robin Pfeiffer, John Shortt, Jake Van De Beek and Kieran Watterson

RESULTS: Future Challenger (Shark SC)

Well done to our magnificent nine – Emma Barrett, Killian Burke, Triona Curley, Ellie Flanagan, Leah Furey, Siofra Hannon, Grace McInerney, Ruairi Owens and Aisling Walsh – who all took part in the first Future Challenger of the season, which was hosted by Shark SC in Leisureland, Galway.

As the new band award system was introduced, we were delighted to see Ruairi collect a B-Band for freestyle, and Siofra picked up a B-Band for freestyle and an A-Band for breaststroke! Well done athletes!

Special thanks to coach Karen, team manager Tommy and our volunteer timekeepers, Ger and Vera.

Results: Club Time Trials

Congratulations to the athletes who competed at the Club Time Trials before the untimely lockdown, which resulted in our pool closing. Despite the challenges facing competitions this season, the team reset their goals and have proved that with a positive attitude, we can overcome obstacles that come our way!

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the parents who volunteered to help. The team raised a massive €598 for the club!

Special mention to the 11 athletes who qualified for the Irish Winter Championships 2020. This is a huge achievement for the swimmers and our club coaches… and another club record! Go, Bluefin, Go!

All times achieved qualify athletes to compete at Regional Development and Qualifying Meets in January 2021. These times will be valid until the end of January 2021, when they will need to validated at an “actual gala”.

Full Results

Junior Club Time Trials, click here.
Senior Club Time Trials, click here.

Personal Best Times
Clodagh: 100FS+100BK
Millie: 100/200FS
Isabelle: 100/200FS+100BRS
Claudia: 100FS
Daniel: 200FS+100BRS
Lily T: 40FS/BK/BRS
Sandra: 200FS+200BRS+100BF
Alex: 100BK
Emma B: 400FS+800FS
Pola: 100/200/400FS+100/200BK+400IM
Luke: 100/200/400/800FS
Diarmuid: 100/200/400FS+100BK+100/200BRS
Rory: 200/400/800FS+100/200BK+100BRS+200BF+400IM

New B-Time Results
Siofra: 100FS+100BRS
Emma P: 100BRS
Rian C: 100BRS+100FS
Evin: 100FS
Elim 100BRS
Jack: 100BK
Ruairi: 100BRS

New A-Time Results
Lauren: 100FS+100BRS 
Anthony: 100BF
Amelie: 100FS+200FS
Hannah: 100BK+100BRS+200BK+400FS
Nessa: 200BRS
Mathys: 100FS+200FS+400FS+800FS+100BF
Mark: 200FS+100/200BK+100BF
Oisin: 200BRS+200/400FS

Irish Winter Championship Qualifiers
Caoilin: 200BRS+200BK+400IM
Isolde: 100/200BRS+400IM
Jake: 50/100/200BRS
John: 50/100/200/400FS+100/200BK+200BRS+400IM
Kieran: 400FS+100/200BK
Paula: 50/100/200BRS
Rian: 100/200/400FS+100/200BRS
Robin: 50/100/200/400/800/1500FS+ 50/100/200BK+50/100/200BF+200/400IM
Sarah: 200BK+100/200BRS
Sorcha: 400IM
Thomas: 100BRS