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RESULTS: Shark SC Development Meet

Leaves are falling… Autumn is calling

Regardless of the nights getting darker and the weather turning cooler, the Bluefin swim team lit up and sent temperatures soaring, in an outstanding display of swimming skills in Leisureland on Saturday 29th September.

Our 27 amazing athletes competed in a total of 67 events where they attained an awesome 64 PB’s. These super swimmers were awarded 21 medals for their tremendous performances, which included 6 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals.

Although the Aurora Borealis was not visible over the night sky in Salthill on Saturday night, our exceptional water wizards created their own natural phenomena. An incredible 9 A-times were conjured up by Isolde, John, Kieran, Rian, Sara and Sarah. Your hard work and dedication is evident in all you’ve accomplished.

Congratulations to Ciara, Isabelle and Isabelle who competed at their first ever gala. Looking forward to the girls joining the team for many more galas to come.

Thank you to Shark Swim Club for organising our first development meet gala of the new term. Well done on a very well coordinated, enjoyable event. To the gracious time keeping volunteers who participated in assisting on the night, it is very much appreciated.

Parents, family and friends we are always grateful to the love, dedication and commitment you show your marvellous swimmers. A special word of thanks to our poolside groupies on the night, Ailbhe and Robyn. Birthday wishes to Hugh and Lillian… hope they enjoyed celebrating their birthdays with the club.

Team managers, Christine and Ger

Results! Irish Summer Nationals 2018

Day 1
Robin came 6th in #400IM with a 4 second PB, qualifying him for the final… where he improved his time by further 10 seconds!

Robin went on to come 12th in #200FS

#SuperSwims #FearTheFin

Day 2
Luke joined Robin for #50FS and both made great PB’s. Robin achieved another PB, dropping 2 seconds in the #100BF. Keep it up boys!
#SuperSwims #PBs

Day 3
On Luke’s second day, he finished his #100FS in a fast 1.03.06. Robin made the final, and PB’d coming 8th.

#Finalist Robin came 12th and first reserve for the final in #200IM in 2:26.75

Day 4
Caoilin joined Robin in today’s competition… supported by Sorcha, Rian, Sarah and Lucy in their #100Back. Caoilin came 16th and Robin came 21st.

Coming 6th place in #400Free, Robin reached the final, where this evening he finished in a respectable 4th place. #GoBluefin

Thanks to Tom O’Dea for serving as time keeper during the finals.

Day 5
The last day of the competition saw another two impressive performances by our swimmers. Both Caoilin and Robin had their year’s best performances in #200Back, with Caoilin finishing 24th and Robin finishing 10th. Well done swimmers!

Well done to Sarah, who, despite the tough opposition, won the Swim Ireland colouring competition and a purple hooded towel

Thank you Robin, Luke and Caoilin for a week full of excitement and a BIG THANK YOU to team manager Götz and coach Helen!

#GoBluefin #SuperSwims #PBs #PurpleTowels

RESULTS! Irish National Division 2 Competition 2018

The Irish National Division 2 Competition 2018 draws to a close in Limerick, with  mighty seven Bluefin swimmers producing fantastic performances!

Day 1: #100Back #Finalists Sorcha (15+) and #Gold for Kristina (13yrs)

Day 2: #100Free… #Finalists Sorcha (15+) 🤩 and #Gold for Kristina (13yrs) 🥇
#100Breast sees Jake (15+), Sorcha (15+), Rian (13) and Isolde (11+12) #PBs #SuperSwims

Day 3: #50Free FAST & FURIOUS for Sarah (11+12), Kristina (13yrs), Hannah (15+), Sorcha (15+), Jake (15+) and Rory (15+)! #Finalists Sorcha and Kristina! #Gold for Kristina (13yrs)
#200Back Rory (15+) and #Finalist Kristina (13yrs)
Sorcha belts #400Free and goes #Sub-5

Day 4: Isolde (11-12), Sorcha (15+), Jake (15+) and Rian (13) rock #200Breast, and #Finalist Birthday Boy, Rian, PBs again!! #SuperSwims #PBs 
#200IM time drop for Sorcha and Kristina

Big thank you to coach Darragh, our fabulous team managers and to all the exceptional officials on deck!!!💥

Bluefin Reign at “King”fisher gala


In an evening where the attention of the world was focused on the royal wedding, 19 majestic athletes represented Bluefin SC in a total of 55 memorable events. These gallant, distinguished, noble dignitaries included… Anthony, Billy, Brogan, Daniel, Diarmuid, Emily, Hannah, Isolde, John D, John S, Lauren, Lüc, Mark, Miriam, Pola, Samuel, Sara, Sarah and Thomas.

On this spectacular evening of performances, a grand total of 47 P.B’s were attained by our spectacular stars – and the team were decorated with a total of 25 medals – 8 gold, 7 silver and 10 bronze.

This celebration was led by the princess of the night, Sara Maia Martins, achieving A-times in 100M Butterfly and 100M I.M. The newly crowned prince, John Shortt accomplishing both his first and second A-times in 100M Freestyle and 100M I.M. Truly momentous occasions for all involved.

Congratulations to Samuel who competed at his first ever meet. We look forward to seeing him swim again!

The club is immensely proud of these respectful, kind, fun-loving and committed wonderful young people.

Many thanks to Laser Swim Club for running an efficient, enjoyable gala. To the generous volunteers who offered their services for time keeping without having to be nagged! Parents, family and friends for the love and encouragement which make each gala a special milestone in your swimmers development. A special thank you to our coach Andrew for his wise words, advice, feedback and support to all our competitors.

Last but by no means least, to our very special swimming squad ye are inspiring individuals, thanks to each and everyone of you.

Team manager, Ger