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2019 Irish National Division 2 Competition

Of the fourteen Bluefin SC athletes qualifying for the 2019 Irish National Division 2 Competition, ten will be going on to represent Bluefin SC in UL from the 11th to 14th July.

Congratulations to Rian, Kieran, Sarah, Pola, Sorcha, Thomas, Anthony, Jake, Rory and Isolde (in order of appearance!) – we wish them the very best at the competition!

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Please note, swimmers are responsible for being at the competition on the correct date, at the correct time!

Thursday 11 July

Session One: Rian and Kieran
Warm Up: Boys 7:30am; Girls 8:10am
Start: 9am to 10:45am
#1 Male 14-14 200 Free
#3 Male 12-12 100 Back

Session Two: Finals
11:15am to 12:30

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Session Three: Sarah, Pola and Sorcha
Warm Up: Girls 1:30pm; Boys 2:10pm
Start: 3pm to 5:30pm
#6 Female 12-12 200 Free
#8 Female 12-12 100 Back

Session Four: Finals
6pm to 7:15pm

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Friday 12 July

Session Five: Sarah, Pola, Sorcha, Thomas, Rian, Anthony, Jake and Rory
Warm Up: Girls 7:30am; Boys 8:10am
Start: 9am to 11am
#11 Female 12-12 100 Free
#12 Male 13-13 100 Breast

Session Six: Finals
11:30am to 12:30pm

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Session Seven: Rian, Rory, Isolde and Sorcha
Warm Up: Boys 1:30pm; Girls 2:10pm
Start: 3pm to 5:15pm
#15 Male 14-14 100 Free
#16 Female 12-12 100 Breast

Session Eight: Finals
5:45pm to 7pm

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Saturday 13 July

Session Nine: Sarah, Isolde, Rory, Pola, Sorcha and Kieran
Warm Up: Girls 7:30am; Boys 8:10am
Start: 9am to 11:45am
#21 Female 12-12 200 Back
#22 Male 16-16 100 Fly
#23 Female 12-12 50 Free
#24 Male 12-12 400 Free

Session Ten: Finals
12noon to 1:30pm

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Session Eleven: Kieran, Rian, Rory, Jake, Sarah and Pola
Warm Up: Boys 1:30pm; Girls 2:10pm
Start: 3pm to 6pm
#27 Male 200 Back
#29 Male 50 Free
#30 Female 400 Free

Session Twelve: Finals
6:15pm to 7:45pm

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Sunday 14 July

Session Thirteen: Rian, Rory, Isolde and Sorcha
Warm Up: Boys 7:30am; Girls 8:10am
Start: 9am to 12noon
#33 Male 14-14 200 IM
#34 Female 12-12 200 Breast

Session Fourteen: Finals
12:30pm to 1:45pm

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Session Fifteen: Isolde, Sorcha, Rian, Anthony and Jake
Warm Up: Girls 1:45pm; Boys 2:20pm
Start: 3pm to 5:15pm
#38 Female 12-12 200 IM
#39 Male 14-14 200 Breast
#40 Female 50 Back

Session Sixteen: Finals
5:45pm to 7pm

Swim Connacht Development Sprint Meet: Sunday 16th June 2019

Last Development Meet of the season!

The Swim Connacht Development Sprint Meet takes place on Sunday 16th June 2019 in Castlebar at 8am.

The Big Bluefin Bus will collect athletes, team managers and parents from Kilcornan Pool on the day, and return after the event.

Swimmers aged 10 and over may compete. Swimmers are not permitted to enter events with an A time.

Swimmers that are NOT attending, please inform Niall at as soon as possible.

We require team managers/officials to help with the trip; help in organising the bus booking and homebaking. If you would like to volunteer, please email Christine by this Sunday 26th May.

Session One:
4x50m Girls Free Relay U12
4x50m Boys Free Relay U12
4x50m Girls Free Relay 13+
4x50m Boys Free Relay 13+
50m Free
100m Butterfly
50m Breast
100m Back
100m IM
4x50m Mixed Free Relay U12
4x50m Mixed Free Relay 13+

Session Two:
4x50m Girls Medley Relay U12
4x50m Boys Medley Relay U12
4x50m Girls Medley Relay 13+
4x50m Boys Medley Relay 13+
100m Free
50m Back
100m Breast
100m Back
50m Butterfly
4x50m Mixed Medley Relay U12
4x50m Mixed Medley Relay 13+

Cost: €5 per event
Maximum of 5 events

Entries to Niall at Bluefin Gala Secretary ( before Friday 31st May 2019. **Strictly no late entries**