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Athlete Mental Health and Well-Being sessions

Swim Ireland’s Mental Health and Well-Being Session start next week for athletes aged 13 and over. The four sessions work as a series, or standalone. 

Session 1 – Five Ways to Well-Being
Tuesday 2nd February (19.00-19.30)
Wednesday 3rd February (13.00-13.30)

Session 2 – Triggers and Coping
Tuesday 9th February (19.00-19.30)
Wednesday 10th February (13.00-13.30)

Session 3 – Focusing on your Control
Tuesday 16th February (19.00-19.30)
Wednesday 17th February (13.00-13.30)

Session 4 – The Impact of Giving
Tuesday 23rd February (19.00-19.30)
Wednesday 24th February (13.00-13.30)

Training Suspended Until Further Notice: Oct 2020

Following recent increase in restrictions by the Irish Government regarding Covid-19, training will be suspended from midnight on Wednesday 21st October, until further notice.

· Facilities are closed therefore no indoor pool/land-based training can take place

· Competitions cannot take place

· Outdoor swimming can still take place, subject to social distance requirements and permitted group sizes; however extreme care should be taken as the water is much cooler now than it was earlier in the year


Keep it Going at Home #16 – Superhero Workout!

Good Morning, Superheroes!

Swim Ireland have been working with Strength Lab UK and The Performance Lab to deliver the Superheroes programme to the Regional Skills Academy. Here’s two workouts for you!

Superheroes Level 1 
Here’s a workout for athletes aged 11 and under

Superheroes Level 2 
Here’s a workout for athletes aged 12 and over


Dryland Safety

Please make sure that you have considered the following BEFORE commencing with this online activity.
You should not participate within the session if you are not fit and healthy. Be aware of your own capabilities and do only what you are comfortable doing – if in doubt, seek medical advice.

If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to consent to you taking part.
They must agree to the following:
• That you are fit and healthy enough to participate
• They will be in the proximity to you at all times to deal with any issues that may arise
• They agree to stop the training if there are any health or safety concerns
• That the environment is suitable for what you are about to undertake

Check Your Surroundings
• Can you exercise outdoors?
• If indoors, what is the floor like? Is it safe and will it stay soo if it gets wet (if applicable)?
• Is the area well ventilated?
• Do you have a mat? If not, is the ground suitable for body-based exercise?
• Is there furniture you might bump into – can it be moved? If so, move it!
• Do you have enough space to exercise safely?
• Are there any trip hazards?
• You must wear appropriate clothing at all times including suitable footwear, no jewellery, etc.
• Keep pets and any other distractions out of the way during exercise!

Other Important Information
• Any equipment used should be wiped clean before and after use
• Stay hydrated

If you are happy with all the above, then you are welcome to join in!

Big Bluefin Quaran-team Cookbook

Send in your favourite recipe(s)!

Calling on all squads and all swimmers! A big team effort is needed to help build the Big Bluefin Quaran-team Cookbook!

It could be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert… or even a snazzy snack! It could be a dish that has been handed down through your family for generations, or something you’ve created yourself, or even a tasty treat you’ve discovered while we’ve been in quarantine!

So, whether it’s isolation ice cream; lockdown lasagne; pandemic pancakes or quarantine quesadilla – simply email your recipe, along with a few snaps of you cooking and eating your favourite food. Remember to include a picture of your final dish, on display for the photo shoot… before it gets eaten!

The team at Bluefin will create a beautiful ebook for all our members to download and enjoy for years to come! Submissions welcome through June 30th to

Happy cooking!