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Keep it Going at Home #4 – Workout!

Strength Lab are offering FREE access to ALL for the first 5 levels of their Superheroes Fundamental Movement Platform for duration of the pandemic!

Swim Ireland have been working with Strength Lab UK and The Performance Lab to deliver the Superheroes programme to the Regional Skills Academy.

We cannot recommend giving it a go enough!
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Keep it Going at Home #2 – Yoga!

For a great way to maintain fitness while we are out of the water, try yoga classes designed specifically for swimmers at

Here are nine online classes* where instructor Jeff Grace takes us through yoga fundamentals, mobility, strength and recovery.
*free until 31st May 2020

Click here to check it out!

Listen to Jeff Grace and learn how yoga can help improve your swimming strength and mobility – check out this podcast at Effortless Swimming

Swim-Specific Yoga with Jeff Grace