Competition Pathway

The National Performance Director introduced a new competition pathway in September 2017 which has ensured that competitions are streamlined throughout the country. This was a huge step forward and will continue to be a very positive step in Irish Swimming.

This document will explain the pathway from the time a swimmer begins their competitive career, until they reach National level competition.

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Our swimmers times are kept up-to-date on our GalaMan program.


Development Meets: When a swimmer qualifies for a swimming gala, they will be entered into as many events as they are allowed. This promotes general development of skills in all strokes and to avoid early specialisation in the sport, as per Irish Sports Council guidelines.

New swimmers are welcome to compete, but are not expected to participate in competitions until the following term – if their skills permit it.

Regional Qualifiers: Swimmers will be automatically entered in all events they qualify for, to promote general development of skills in all strokes.

Entries for National or International events: To promote their performance at this level, swimmers will decide which events to swim with the Head Coach.

Relays: Set up prior to the event, relays are based on the last and fastest official time from a recognised Swim Ireland time. If there is no time available, ‘club trials’ can be run.

Scratches: To avoid the club or parents being sanctioned or fined, swimmers are not allowed to scratch an event on the day without a medical cert. Scratches can only be made within the allocated time frame and must be made by the Team Manager after the discision has been discussed with the coach. This is a Swim Ireland stipulation, which applies to all SI galas. Scratching may be permitted at National level under specific circumstances and at the coach’s discretion only. Under no circumstance is anyone other than Team Manager or Coach allowed to scratch a swimmer, as this could result in the swimmer/club team being sanctioned by the event organiser.

The Rules

FINA or Fédération internationale de natation (English: International Swimming Federation) is the international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for administering international competition in water sports.

FINA Rules 2017-2021

Competitive Swimming in Galway