We run competitions and events throughout the year, ranging from international opens, national championships and cups, to school galas and fun meets.

Our competition pathway outlines the levels of competitions on offer in Ireland together with details of appropriate events for different age groups, and different levels within the sports.

Click here to download: Future Challenger Series Information
Click here to download: Aspiring Champion Series Information

Click here for the Connacht Calendar of competitions, which is updated regularly.

Qualifying times and schedules of events for National Competitions can be found under Competition Information on the Swim Ireland website.


Our swimmers times are kept up-to-date on our GalaMan program.

The Rules

FINA or Fédération internationale de natation (English: International Swimming Federation) is the international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for administering international competition in water sports.

Click here to download: FINA Rules 2017-2021

Competition Health Protocols

Click here to download: Swim Ireland Covid Protocol 2021/22

Competitive Swimming in Galway