Gerry Ryan Invitation Gala

On Saturday, January 31, and Sunday, February 1, Emma, Caoilin, Sorcha, Alex, Ronja, Kieran and Robin represented Blue Fin Swim Club at this year’s Gerry Ryan Gala in Limerick. Between them, they achieved 22 PBs in 32 swims and were awarded four bronze medals (for Robin, Kieran and Ronja) and one silver medal (for Caoilin). All the results are on GalaMan at Well done swimmers!

Tuam A Gala 2015

Team Manager’s Report: Tuam A Gala 2015

Seven Blue Fin Swimmers competed this Sunday in the
Tuam A Gala: Emma, Sorcha, Amy, Alex, Jack, Kieran and Robin.
They achieved a total of 10 PBs in 18 swims
and brought home 4 medals (3 Bronze for Alex and Kieran,
1 Gold for Kieran’s all-time BlueFin record in 100m Free).
Detailed results are on galaman at

Well done swimmers!

(Team Manager)

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