What is the Parent in Attendance (PIA)? The Parent-In-Attendance (PIA) policy is a Swim Ireland directive. A parent must be in attendance, on duty, for each scheduled swimming session. Swimming sessions will be cancelled if there is no PIA. A roster of PIA is emailed during the last week of every month for the following month. It is the responsibility of the parent rostered to arrange a swap with another parent if they are unable to be present at their appointed time. The PIA should:
  • Complete Swim Ireland’s Covid-19 training.
  • Complete the Self Declaration Form.
  • If unwell before arriving on deck, contact the PIA admin immediately.
  • Arrive at Kilcornan 20 minutes before the session to assist with pool covers and lane ropes.
  • Wear a face mask until all swimmers are in the pool.
  • Remain on deck at all times.
  • Verbally remind swimmers/coaches in the event of a breach of Covid-19 compliance.
  • Record breaches of compliance on the provided Non-Compliance Forms located in the PIA folder.
  • Attend to any swimmers who might sustain minor injuries while wearing provided rubber gloves and using first aid supplies from the Bluefin First Aid Kit.
  • Contact the parent of any swimmer who is unwell or needs to be collected. Contact lists are kept in the PIA bag.
  • Record any incidents on Incident Report Forms located in the PIA folder.
  • If a swimmer is unwell or displaying Covid-19 symptoms, instruct the swimmer to stay in the office (deemed an isolation room if required) until the parent is at one of the exit doors ready to collect them.
  • Sanitise surfaces on the pool deck, office or bathroom that may have been touched. This also includes door handles of bathroom, entry and exit doors and pool ladder railings. The bathroom must be sanitised after each swimmer.
  • Parent in Attendance cannot leave the premise until every swimmer from their allocated session has been collected.
Any queries or concerns, please contact Christine at PIA.bluefin@gmail.com