What is the Person-On-Duty (POD)?

  • The Person-on-Duty (POD) policy is a Swim Ireland directive. A parent must be in attendance, on duty, for each scheduled swimming session. Swimming sessions will be cancelled if there is no POD.
  • A roster of POD is emailed during the last week of every month for the following month. It is the responsibility of the parent rostered to arrange a swap with another parent if they are unable to be present at their appointed time.

The POD should:

  • Find an alternative in the event they are not able to attend; it is the responsibility of the person scheduled to be on duty to do this. 
  • If unwell before arriving on deck, contact the POD  admin immediately.
  • Arrive at Kilcornan 20 minutes before the session to assist with pool covers and lane ropes.
  • Be in full view of the pool.
  • Remain on deck at all times.
  • Be aware of children leaving and returning to pool, e.g. a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilet.
  • Allow the coach/teacher freedom to get on with the session – sometimes coaches or teachers need to give feedback to individuals on one to one basis, this should be in open view. 
  • Attend to any swimmers who might sustain minor injuries while wearing provided rubber gloves and using first aid supplies from the Bluefin First Aid Kit.
  • Contact the parent of any swimmer who is unwell or needs to be collected. Contact lists are kept in the POD bag.
  • Record any incidents on Incident Report Forms located in the POD folder.
  • Take note of any problems that occur – refer any issues directly to the coach or teacher in charge of the session or, if not possible, to the Children’s Officer or Club Secretary. 
  • In cases of emergency, help the coach/teacher by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency
  • Person-On-Duty cannot leave the premise until every swimmer from their allocated session has been collected. 

No person on duty

  • It is a breach of Swim Ireland rules to not have a person on duty for Swim Ireland sessions, either pool or dry land activities. If a person on duty does not turn up the coach/teacher should take the best courses of action to ensure the safety of the young people and themselves, this may mean cancelling the session unless a replacement is found. 

Queries or concerns, please contact Milena at PIA.bluefin@gmail.com

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