Swim Kit

The list of swim gear required for training and competition is as follows. As swimmers move up in the club, the training groups may begin to use additional swimming kit.

The Basic Kit for All Swimmers
• Swimsuit
• Swimming Hat (with spare)
• Goggles (with spare)
• Drinking bottle
• Short Fins

Additional Kit for Squad Level Two and above
1. Centre Snorkel
2. Float Pullbuoy
3. Meshbag
4. Tennis Ball

Additional Kit for Squad Level Three and above
1. Float Pullbuoy
2. Drag Shorts and t-shirt
3. Dryland Cord
4. Gym Mat
5. Monofin

Additional Kit for Performance Squad
1. Paddles
2. Breast Stroke (Positive Drive) Fins
3. Parachute

Club Goodies
Swimmers need to have the following at Galas:
1. Club cap
2. Club Kitbag (preferably the shoulder strap one)
3. Club Tee-shirts
4. Club Hoodie

Recommended Suppliers
(Shop based in NAC in Dublin)
• 10% discount on goods ordered through the club.
• Swimkit will also advise you on size.
For example, don’t buy big paddles or fins, thinking they will grow into it in the future, as it can cause injuries, or blisters.

Other Online Suppliers

Second Hand Equipment
A list of second hand equipment held by parents
is available from the club.

Competitive Swimming in Galway