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PIA Roster for June – Updated

Please see below the revised PIA roster for June and take note of your dates.

Training will NOT proceed without a Parent in Attendance (PIA).
Please remember to complete your online screening form before 7pm the night before your session. If you’re unable to attend, it is your responsibility to organise a replacement. Do not assume that another parent will attend.


Team South Galway are raising money for a team banner and water bottles for all their athletes!

Help Team South Galway… click here to visit their Go Fund Me page where you can make a contribution to this very special team!

Team South Galway are a swimming and bocce team and part of Special Olympics Ireland. Based in Kilcornan they support 20 swimmers and 11 bocce players, thanks to the help of 17 volunteers and 6 coaches.

The team usually fundraise every year, but haven’t been able to for the last 18 months due to Covid.

Return To Water Update: Pool Reopening Date

June 7 Indicated as ROI Pool Reopening Date

Today we welcome indications in the media that tonight’s announcement will include a reopening date for swimming pools in the Republic of Ireland, but we share in everyone’s disappointment and frustration that this is not happening in May.

The positive news is that it is our understanding that when pools do reopen on June 7, clubs will be able to return to individual training in the same manner as they did in December.

It is also our understanding that Water Polo will be able to return to non-contact training at the same time, which we welcome.

The date is not what we wanted nor is it what we had put forward to the departments of Sport and Health, Sport Ireland and other key stakeholders, but this does finally provide us with a pathway for our Return to Water, and for that we are grateful.

As to why pools are not reopening sooner?

From discussions this morning with those key stakeholders we have received the following updates on the decision to open swimming pools on June 7:

  • There is a focus on re-opening outdoor amenities in May
  • Economic factors such as the numbers employed in retail were a contributing factor to re-opening retail services earlier than leisure and hospitality sectors
  • There was a concern around re-opening too many sectors and services at one time, whilst the vaccination campaign is still being ramped up

The ups and downs of life in a pandemic continue, but what will never change is our love for the water, and as clubs start to return to outdoor activities in the build-up to those pools reopening, we continue to be on hand to support you in your endeavours – and we celebrate that when pools do reopen, it is the intention they are open for good.